About Us

MIHC specializes in installation of subsea foundations, predominantly through our years of experience in the installation of piles for offshore and onshore structures via our equipment and services, including internal lifting tools, pile guide frames and hydraulic hammers.


MIHC also provides engineered solutions integrated with project management for every stage of pipeline service life, from design to maintenance and repair, including various drilling, riser and well services, along with ROVs and data collection/monitoring tools.


We have also recently added to our scope of services, the supply of drill pipes, drill Collars and subs / pup Joints - a credible alternative to established manufacturers such in the market. Additionally, we have also started joint-ventures focusing on fabrication and more recently, marine vessel operations, to further expand the scope of works we are able to offer, and will continue in diversifying and expanding our portfolio.


Incorporated in 1999, MIHC is registered and licensed with Petronas, as per the Petroleum Act of 1974, and also with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) of Malaysia as a Grade G5 contractor. Managed and supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated group of employees, MIHC has successfully undertaken numerous projects and has established itself as a formidable and reliable player in the oil and gas sector in Malaysia, especially in the area of installation of foundations and subsea structures.